Saramago’s Jesus is the son not of God but of Joseph. Mary Magdalene is his lover not his convert. In the wilderness he tussles not with the. Or is our knowledge more a product of myth and legend? José Saramago’s fictional account of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ provides. A retelling of Jesus Christ’s life not as the holiest man in the universe but as a man, an everyday man, who is reluctant to take on the duties.

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The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. I remebered Fernado Pessoa has also a very good prose book: Despite its potentially offensive nature, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ provides a unique portrait of the life of Jesus, and ends with a remarkable interpretation of the events of Jesus’ death. Retrieved 28 March During his lifetime, many critics, notably Harold Bloom, described Saramago as the greatest living novelist.

Jesus is not believed by his family, and so he leaves them once again, meets Mary Magdalene, and goes to work helping the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It is bereft of pretense.

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ – Wikipedia

It is too controversial that I find it tough to write something about it. The novel ends with Jesus’s realization that God’s plan, and the ensuing centuries of torture, slaughter, and misery that Christianity will bring, will proceed despite his efforts.

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Hi Joana, thanks for the recommendation. He works as an apprentice to a shepherd called The Shepherd who is understood to be the devil and the mysterious “angel” mentioned earlier. Writing a Book for the First Time. As always, the writing is distinctly him.

You might like it ; Like Like. Hmm, I might check that out first.

Eventually, he meets God in the desert. Your little comment on Dan Brown just makes me feel better about not reading him, haha. Notify me of new comments via email.

Jjose I like the title! This is one of the Saramagos I want to read, though. God tells Jesus of his plan for Jesus to institute Christianitybecause God is annoyed at being only the God of one race, and that other gods seem to get all the glory.

A Review of José Saramago’s ‘The Gospel According to Jesus Christ’

You are commenting using your WordPress. Retrieved from ” https: I am still stuck with Seeing. The Devil tempts not Jesus into sinning, but God into renouncing his assigned role as the seat of all evil. Jesus makes his way back home through the Sea of Galilee where he discovers an amazing talent to catch myriads of fish, and Magdala where he meets and falls in love with Mary Magdalenethen continues back home to Nazareth.


Cancel reply Enter your comment here This book re-imagines the life of Jesus Christusing the events depicted in the canonical gospels as a scaffold on which to construct its story. For how can there be any good if evil is nil? It is perhaps not surprising that The Gospel According to Jesus Chirst generated mixed reactions when it was published in Despite the title, the novel is narrated in third person, but Saramago’s narrator remains concerned with Jesus’ perspective throughout the book.

Retrieved 17 March Of course, he cannot ever write this novel without reading the Bible. Just to make things straight, God and the Devil are personified in this novel, chrsit them chrjst qualities that allow us to see things in a different perspective.

Jesus becomes a prophet of God, continuing to work miracles but also preaching. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How to Write a Good Book Review. Those who are willing to give these ideas a little thought will find The Gospel According to Jesus Christ even more rewarding. What does the existence of other religions mean for any one religion in particular?