: The Kagero Diary (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies) (): Sonja Arntzen: Books. At the outset of the Kagero Nikki, Michitsuna no Haha states her purpose in writing her journal. I have included the McCullough translation of the opening. The Kagero┬» Diary commands our attention as the first extant work of that rich and brilliant tradition. The author, known to posterity as Michitsuna’s Mother.

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She herself belonged to a lesser branch of the same Fujiwara clan. The main theme of the diary is the failing relationship of the writer and her husband. The book provides the reader with an insight into the life of the Heian period in Japan. His children were separated and sent off to remote provinces, Another characteristic of the work is the unique way in which the author labels people in her life.

Open Preview See a Problem? Instead, it is a calm yet melancholic memoir of a woman trap This review will consist of two parts, a response to the actual material and the work of the translator.

The Kagero Diary: A Woman’s Autobiographical Text from Tenth-century… Summary & Study Guide

Oct 05, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: This book gives us an interesting insight into Heian society and a woman’s position in it. Each new year in turn has failed to bring happiness.


The writer of this diary is know only as “Michitsuna’s mother”.

She seemed fairly skilled in her wording. Paperbackpages.

I wonder if it is torn away. In itself the content of the book, apart from the historical insight, wasn’t that interesting to me. The main theme of the diary is the failing relationship o This book is one of the classics of Japanese literature, which was the main reason I picked this one up.

Mar 04, Kate rated it really liked it. The Gossamer YearsCharles E. She wasn’t- she was just trying to be happy within the confines of her status and society. In attempt to not spoil anything I will say that this is a much more vivid account of Heian Japan in comparison to Sarashina no Nikki.

It had been rumored till the authoress knew this heartbreaking news so we can imagine how bitter she felt. From the three I’ve read I’ll categorize them like this: This is also the reason I read it, because I am writing a paper This book is an autobiography of sorts. This is an nice book and I found it very interesting to read.

What kind of husband diaty a man so distracted be?

As for the Notes to Books One-Three pp. I sought to see the child, and was turned away.

You had to communicate by way of cryptic poems and there was an elaborate, totally incomprehensible system of forbidden directions, punishments, defilements, penances and pilgrimages Autobiographical diary. Articles containing Japanese-language text. diiary


The gossamer years = Kagero nikki : the diary of a noblewoman of Heian Japan

Jean rated it liked it Shelves: The author here not Seidensticker, he’s the translator though related to Lady Sarashina, is a superior wri Ok, so I’ve finished another Japanese I-novel. And how complicated life was in Japan back then. I couldn’t quite engage with her, I felt diaey writing was a little remote and over the viary at times.

She tells her father that he is not suitable for her but despite her reservations, the man is determined to win her over.

Kager┼Ź Nikki – Wikipedia

Reading this has somehow made me interested in other literature from the Heian period. There is something morbid about selfhood in Japan. Finally, some of the reviews on here say that the footnotes there are many make the book tedious. The text ends mid-sentence with: The book is translated by Sonja Arntzen from the original diary by the unknown woman.