I want to share with you from a testimony of someone who was saved, someone who had been serving the devil. And when that man gave his.

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Other kinds of distractions come your way, even if it means touching your body and bringing some pain somewhere. This will be your mission.

You must continue to check up on them, visiting them and continue your evangelizing. Evangelize and bear fruit. This is the only way we can commit more faith and love in the society of which we are a part….

It was like a shift, you’ve got to go and work your shift. And the people came together, and they began to pray for the work of the Lord in their midst. If the Christian responsible did not pray through, he remains a captive. When you see me turning that corner where the trap is, just cause me to turn to the other side. When he was four years old, he began to exercise his spiritual power. And then he said, after he finishes praying, the hole remains open, and he said mukeendi people, when they rise out of their place of prayer, and they walk out, this open hole moves along with them.


He was telling us the things he used to do and what he used to see.


Not that we become disorderly. He grew up to be a young kesaksian mukendi in his twenties with so much bloodshed on his hands. When he was still in the womb, they made so many rituals dedicating him to serve lucifer.

How should we evangelize?


Ask the Lord, say “Lord, I’ve enjoyed this time of prayer, but when I walk out into this world, lead me not into temptation. When mukeendi come back, you go back to the beginning. His body was with him, he was in his body.

And sometimes he could go into a trance, and come out of his body; his body would remain behind, and he would go out into the world, this is kesaskian astro-travelling.

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to the pastor, “The yoke has been broken, and the victim is there before you. If his weakness is in the area of temper, then the enemy is going to cause people to do things which can make him really angry.

And how do they refresh their spirit? I don’t know what form it is going to take. Please tithe to the Lord properly. Or will you have given up and the enemy would steal what you have prayed for?


Battle in kesakzian heavenlies. And I asked the Lord. My time is not yet kesaksian mukendi. There were numerous large sized shabby looking homes. The person does not cease being a child of God.


The sight was horrible. Then we learn one thing: Set aside some time.

First, it is too hot and they feel like dying. Then he shared how he lead expositions into the air. And he says, when that happens, the Christian is a victim on earth. As long as they can get you out of that place, they have defeated you.

Put on the breastplate of righteousness. The quick response of the ministry to the Haitian disaster the charity to the poor in Indonesia, the elderly in Pakistan and the elderly in Russia, are mere tips of the iceberg.

And we have to forgive others if we have to receive his forgiveness, Jesus said: But He understands what is happening in the spiritual realm.