Dr. KP Yohannan is a prolific writer with more than books published in Asia and 11 in the United States. Dependence Upon The Lord – KP Yohannan . That They All May Be One – KP Yohannan Title: That They All May Be One. When We Have Failed – What Next – KP Yohannan – Gospel for Asia . Click here , to read more articles about GFA Books, or visit Patheos. Read thought-provoking and challenging messages from KP Yohannan books which have been an inspiration to thousands around the world.

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Topics Mentioning This Author. Kindness Makes the Difference — Dr. A must-read for every believer! Qualifications … Talents … Accomplishments … Do you realize that these credentials of yours may be hindering God from working effectively through your life? Feel free to download the full length books below written by K. English Choose a language for shopping. Seeing Him Do you often live just day-to-day going through the routine of life We so easily lose sight of Him who is our everything.

As a theology student, Yohannan was ordained and began pastoring a local church in Dallas, where he served for four years. She serves on the executive board of VIDA: Finally, only the youngest, little “Yohannachan,” was left. Yohannan reveals truths from the life of Abraham, an ordinary man who became the friend of God.

InYohannan was invited to spend a month in Singapore at a new institute that had been started by John Haggai. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. In this book Gisela Yohannan encourages us to run the race in such a way that we may win the prize.


Yohannan’s Journey With Jesus Series booklets. Once downloaded, you can read the books on your computer, or take them with you to read on your mobile device or tablet. She shares the promise of new beginnings and hope in Jesus that will empower you to be a blessing to those around you.

As leaders, we all want to succeed. Ministering hope and practical help to the people of South Asia, Dr. Dance Not for Time. The heat of the sun bakes her skin She was once fair, but now black and leathery Her husband is at the liquor shop drinking his brew Her children wander naked on the streets. Life is so fragile like a tiny leaf One little germ one small ache one fall can end your life. Yohannan will challenge you to look beyond temporary concerns of life to what will last forever.

Shavano would wait each day at the gate Until she came home from her school. Discouragement can sneak in quickly and subtly, through even the smallest things.

Dependence Upon The Lord Don’t build in vain. Silent night Stars shimmer Then clouds move in To cover their beauty.

Books – Dr KP Yohannan

His passion is contagious! Inhe came to the United States, where he received his theological training at Criswell College.

I get up Walk to the window Stand by it And stare at the sky. Through this life-changing year at GFA’s headquarters in East Texas, dozens of young people have deepened their relationship with Christ and oyhannan in their desire to follow in His footsteps. Download A Life of Balance: It can be done! When Ecopoets Think Climate Change.

Reading Plans 45 Jan 17, The Beauty of Christ through Brokenness 4. He is also the metropolitan bishop of Believers Churchan indigenous church in South Asia. Learn how to stay encouraged in every season of life, no matter what the circumstances may be.


E-book Downloads

Do this, and watch your life blossom into fruitfulness! In this exciting and fast moving narrative, K. Dance Not for Time. Low to High Price: Download Journey with Jesus: This dynamic book will open your eyes to an amazing move of Yohannam.

Yohannan is currently reading. Learn more about Dr. The Beauty of Following Christ Intimately 4. Chapter by chapter he gently confronts us with truth that few others are willing to say truth that leads to the abundant life we so desire.

Come look through the window of her face, my friend Millions like her die a very slow death Not only in slums, but in mansions and everywhere Because no one ip for these precious lives. Published on December 22, You will never be the same again. Through the material of this book, you will build a solid foundation for genuine spiritual growth as you learn how to organize your priorities in the light of eternity.

Dec 23, Yohannan’s radio program, Spiritual Journey, reaches more than 1 billion people in languages. Contact Us info gfaau. This booklet shares balanced teaching that will remind you of the power of God and encourage you to step-out in yohannan faith.

We watch others who have a sincere godliness, but it seems beyond our reach.