Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Kuyper has indispensable contributions to Calvinism as an. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive and Though based on lectures delivered in , Kuyper’s book retains its relevance even. Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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Het calvinisme was een groot onderdeel in de geschiedenis van Nederland, en zijn nog steeds waarneembaar in de wortels van onze huidige samenleving.

Kuyper is uitgesproken tegenstander van revoluties, maar Spanje was volgens hem duidelijk een tiran en onnatuurlijke overheerser, waardoor opstand gerechtvaardigd was.

Lectures on Calvinism

We resign ourselves to the fate of being slighted and oppressed in the world, but we refuse to be dictated to by anyone in the sanctuary of our heart. His first lecture is “Calvinism A Life System,” and the remaining five relate Calvinism to religion, politics, science, art, and the future. He argues that too much focus is often put on the soul and not on the glory of God and his creation: Regeneration, Christ, and the Scriptures as the result of merely human causes, instead of clinging with all the energy of his soul to the Divine cause, as dominating in all this over all human data, must as decidedly be banished from our ranks as an amphibious and unscientific man.

Mar 04, BJ rated it really liked it. Some excellent points, but overall it grieved me. Every possible position, available in this reaction against the hitherto prevalent conviction, has been since that time by turn developed into a special philosophical system.

But notwithstanding all this I assert and maintain that the one Aristotle knew more of the cosmos than all the church- fathers taken together; that under the dominion of Islam, better cosmic science flourished than in the cathedral- and monastic-schools of Europe; that the recovery of. Not so very long ago the principal positions of Abnormalism were looked upon as axioms for all sciences in almost all universities, and the few Normalists, who at that time opposed the principle of their antagonists, found it difficult to find a chair.

Horizontally, if I may use this expression, the same thought finds embodiment in the separation between sacred and secular ground. The investigation of the lines of longitude and latitude of the terrestrial globe formed in his estimation one whole with the investigation of the length and breadth of the love of Christ. This classic expression of the Reformed faith offers six lectures on Calvinism. That is only really free, which, while it is strictly bound to its own principle, has the power to free itself from all unnatural bonds.

It is a way of discovering how we are to relate to God, engage with others, and live well in the larger world.

Not only was the impact in the past, but I could see that it is still and will always impact society in every area. But of course, wherever two elements appear, as in this case the sinner and the saint, the temporal and the eternal, the terrestrial and the heavenly life, there is always danger of losing sight of their interconnection and of falsifying both by error or one- sidedness. Mainly because of bad caricatures of Calvinism and because of most hating the thought of having a “system” by a man that one follows.


This new conception was first introduced by Calvinism when it cut at the root in the most absolute sense of every idea, that life on earth were ever destined to merit the blessedness of heaven.

To this labor the Calvinist consecrated himself with enthusiasm and energy. To view it, click here. I love Kuyper’s ability to speak to the heart and mind of man.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Preview — Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper. All in all, while this book can be technical at times and will be most fruitful for someone with knowledge of Reformed theology, it provides more than enough for people of any background to learn much.

We have no time for it. Westminster Bookstore will be closed December 22 through January 2. I am no longer afraid of being called a Calvinist! Kuyper kuypre het ontstaan van de leer van Johannes Calvijn, en betrekt Abraham Kuyper, voorvechter van het Nederlandse calvinisme en oprichter van de Anti-Revolutionaire Partij voorloper van CDAbeschrijft in deze zes lezingen zijn visie op het Calvinisme in religie, in kunst, in de staat, in de geschiedenis, in de wetenschap en in de toekomst.

I guess it was exciting when it first came out. The Stone Lectures of Kuyper, Abraham.

Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

The Spaniards offered peace and pardon to the dying people; but Leyden, remembering the bad faith of the enemy in the treatment of Naarden and Haarlem, answered boldly and with pride: And finally the highest perfection is reached by the stylite, who, mounting his pillar, severs himself from everything earthly, or by the yet more silent penitent who causes himself to be immured in his subterranean cave.

Why should I give you the long list of names of the princes of science, of the giants in learning, who have filled Leyden with the lustre of their renown, or tell you how this love for science, going forth from Leyden, permeated the whole nation?

Open Preview See a Problem?

This confession, however, places the Christian in a quite different position over against life. Whom the Scriptures testify that in Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Readers familiar with this tradition will appreciate these six foundational lectures. But as is often the case among free corporations, competition allured the weaker to seek support from without and so they turned for help to the Vatican.

In Switzerland a university arose at Freiburg, renowned, although yet young, as an embodiment of the Roman Catholic principle. Some of the content flew straight over my head while some of it was really, really great.

To this must be added a second point. He then goes on to discuss a Calvinistic history and perspective on religion, politics, science, art, and the future. But notwithstanding all this I assert and maintain that the one Aristotle knew more of the cosmos than all the church- fathers taken together; that under the dominion of Islam, better cosmic science flourished than in the cathedral- and monastic-schools of Europe; that the recovery of the writings of Aristotle was the first incentive to renewed though rather deficient study; and that Calvinism alone, by means of its dominating principle, which constantly urges us to go back from the Cross to Creation, and no less by means of its doctrine of common grace, threw open again to science the vast field of the cosmos, now illumined by the Sun of Righteousness, of.


Free science is the stronghold we defend against the attack of her tyrannical twin-sister. Books by Abraham Kuyper. Apr 20, Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: After these philosophical systems had secured the assent of the leading men, the several sciences followed, and were immediately solicitous to introduce the new hypothesis of an infinite normal process as the starting-point of. Christ was conceived exclusively as the Savior, and his cosmological significance was lost out of sight.

First, it regards religion, not in an utilarian, or eudaimonistic sense, as existing for the sake of man, but for God, and for God alone. With his understanding of the activity of God over all things, it makes total sense that First time reading Kuyper.

Lectures on Calvinism – Abraham Kuyper : Eerdmans

As far as he was able, Luther still leaned upon the Romish view of the sacraments, and upon the Capvinism cultus, while Calvin was the first in both to draw the line which extended immediately from God to man and from man to God. And as a Calvinist looks upon God’s decree as the foundation and origin of the natural laws, in the same manner also he finds in it the firm foundation and the origin of the moral and spiritual laws ; both these, the natural as well as the moral laws, forming together one high order, which exists according to God’s command, and wherein God’s counsel will be accomplished in the consummation of His eternal, all-embracing plan.

Moreover in all Lutheran countries the Reformation originated from the princes rather than from the people, and thereby passed under the power of the magistrate, who took kuuper stand in the Church officially as her “summus episcopus”, and therefore was unable to change either the social or the political life in accordance with its principle. He, who subjectively looks upon his inner being and objectively upon the world around him as normal, cannot but speak as he does, cannot reach a different result, and would be insincere in his position as a scientific man, if he were to represent things in a different light.