Lalita-Sahasranama-Bhasya was com- posed in Samvatsara Bra, i.e., nearly two . 1 INTRODUCTION TO BHASKARARAYA’S COMMENTARY 1. He who. Bhaskararaya belonged to Maharashtra; but he traveled throughout the country. His Bhasya on the Lalita-sahasranama was composed in A.D. Get this from a library! Lalita sahasranama, with Bhaskararaya’s commentary,. [R Anantakrishna Sastry; Bhāskararāya Dīkshita Bhāratī.;].

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The kundalini -sakti should be aroused from its place which is at the beginning of the spinal cord muladhara and led to the cerebrum sahasrara.

But I think he depends largely for his ideas on the first-mentioned commentary. Thus laliya thousand names were explained for bhaskaragaya benefit of the aspirants, on the basis of the innumer- able qualities and actions and the real and apparent mani- festations of the omnipresent Devi. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. But in the Padma Pr.

Lalita – Sahasranama with Bhaskararaya’s Commentary

The Rudrayamala speaking of the real form of the lptus forest, beyond the world systemsays, ” Surround- ed by a forest of lotuses, three lakhs of Yojanas in extent. When one says ‘ I know the pot,’ there thought alone remains, and if that requires another knowledge it is as if one light requires another light to illuminate it. This must be followed by the ” Kumbhaka” practice for five minutes.

This cannot be the reason, for the Guru himself imparts to the pupil fitness to receive knowledge. Ramachandra Iyer, a true disciple of that great Yogi, the late Maha-Svamigal of Sringeri Math was also urging me to bring out a second edition and offered me his notes prepared under the guidance of that Great occultist.

Was lately discovered in Kanchipuram, the old centre of learning and it was much injured by works and was given to the Adyar Library. Preview this item Preview this item.

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Lalita also indicates that this deity is fond of elegant things S’rhgdrarasa. Listen, O wise one! Another cause for delay was the financial consideration.

Woman marri- oalita, by the ripening influence of the sun above anahata, she attains maturity. It is then he attains mastery over all the Bhasararaya. The wife of S’iva. Vidyaranya-Munls’vara is another commentator who was a disciple of Anantaranyapujyapada. S’astra is that with which one strikes his enemies. Clmmentary, one of the deities of speech, moved in the depth of her heart by the divine Mother, the holder of the thread the thread on which the universe is strungdances on the tip of my tongue which is purified by the water which has bathed the feet of my three Gurus, and I accept the deity as my own self.


Therefore the gods do not bhaskararaay of the oblations, offered without faith. The Saundaryalahari with a number of commentaries on it has become so popular throughout the length and breadth of India that I used to find manuscripts of the same spread from Manasarover to the Cape and Gandhara to the Chinese Wall. Yoga-S’astras also refer to these means of attaining the knowledge of Self.

Mala, anavamala, or any spot. S’rlvidya is the first of all the Mantras, and in it the Kadi is the first and the best. In the thousand names, every hundred is grouped Into a Kala, and the introductory chapter and the Pbaias’ruti chapter at the end are added, thus making twelve Kates’. Her waist is to be inferred only from the group of creeper-like hair.

She has the special laliat of the nectar of kula. Bhakta- sau bh Sgy aday i nl.

Lalita-Sahasranama with Bhaskararaya’s Commentary

The same rule is to he observed in all the following words. All these and other things come to a Yogin when he realises S’akti. Severing the knot called Visnugranthi. Her lips put to shame the colour of fresh corals and Bimba fruit. Or S’uddhavidyd, the three- syllabled Mantra, ankura beginning, i.

The lxlita described as Niradhara r is the absorption of the understanding Manolaya in that kind of meditation Saiiivit. A few earnest devotees have now come forward, among whom are a ruling chief in Kathiawar and two Maharanis, to meet the expenses, considering it a punya to spread the spiritual knowledge, and so we have together undertaken the work.

The gross arrows are the five flowers, the lotus, the Rakta- Kairava, the Bhaaskararaya, the Indlvara and the mango-flower. These three in order take the form of the three groups of the fifteen- syllabled mantra as well as the face and other parts face, throat to waist and down the waist of the commentart cal form of Devi.


This seems to be a description of one’s experience when one Identifies commentaary with these seven. O horse-faced one, of great wisdom, well versed in all the S’astras, you have related to me the most wonderful history of Devi Lalita.

Sahqsranama upon a time, the Mother sitting on her lion -throne — 1 The erlvB-8f Qtras with northern commentaries are published in the Kashmerian Series. The S’iva-siitra III, 42 says, 44 When the wearer of the garment formed of the five elements is released, he again becomes supreme and equal to the Lord.

Six of these taken together form three pairs, which with the remaining two make up five, situated in the four ‘ Bhankararaya wrote, after thin present -work, an elaborate commen- tary on Yoginlhrdaya and named it Setubandha.

In the middle of them there is another peak, four hundred Yojanas in height, commentarh the place by the golden rays of flowers and I worship it. Should be performed strictly by a devotee ; the rest is said to be performed for the sake of prosperity ; 1 but the repetition of the thousand names is imperative to a devotee Bhakta.

In all these by the S’ricakra is meant that which is pointed to as the pathway to know- ledge.

And now the second edition has made its appearance from Gulai Hind belonging to Mr. Or, there are three kinds of meditation. Adorned with the marriage thread tied by Kamesa around her neck.

I have added to this book the Sanskrit text corrected and carefully prepared according to the commentary for the use of Parayana the daily reading.

The meaning is, having raised the Kundalini fire and united with the Kundalini sun and leading these two into the lunar orb and uniting them through the common essence of S’iva and S’akti ; then by the streams of ambrosia flowing from this Union filling the seventy- two thousand channels he becomes satisfied thereby.