Liam Montier’s Essential Card Magic Toolbox by Big Blind Media (8 DVD set) – DVD ‘The Essential Card Magic Toolbox’ is the ultimate resource for mastering. The latest Tweets from Liam Montier (@liamtricktastic). I am a magician and creator of magic from England. England. Forcing a card – Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to! Being able to ‘force’ a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful.

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Magic Tricks

Additional links Mpntier Inc. Another 5 Star product. Count me as a fan of Liam’s work. He performer indicates one card as the suit and the other as the value. Dec 3, Wherever the spectator calls stop, the performer shows the next three cards. An innocent passer by is shown a collection of View our Frequent Questions.

All with NO moves or sleight liak hand. Master this one simple technique and. All of the required gaff cards come free with the DVD. A deck is freely shuffled. You turn over the card that was used to determine the time.

Cardio by Liam Montier – DVD Cardio is something of a ‘concept album’ – card tricks that are efficient, with a clear end picture, and all using nothing more than a regular deck of cards. The first card indicates the value, the second the suit the spectator recognizes this card as theirsand the third indicates how many cards away the performer believes their card is.

All with NO moves or sleight of hand.

It’s just my least favourite. This is a great effect and you only ruin one joker per performance. This is one of my favorites from the book. A card is freely selected and returned to the deck.


One card is left. The first reveal of cutting to the cards to make the selection is great thinking. The great think about this version of the classic effect is that there are no double lifts. Each of the seven tricks featured is a real ‘do-er’.

Featuring material from their acclaimed joint PDF. This is something else I believe Liam is very good at. I don’t understand how that’s possible!

montjer The performer places a card into his back pocket. The Essential Card Magic Toolbox is the ultimate resource for mastering the art of card magic. Rather than the ace and the card changing places, the Ace travels to the deck and lands beside their selected card.

We’re extremely excited at Vanishing Inc to be able to offer you this new killer new utility for mentalists and magicians alike! Both happen because of the choreography and not because of hidden moves.

Liam Montier magic – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Famed for his inventive and ingenious solutions to every magical plot he tackles, this respected practitioner has a magical effect for every situation. I’m curious – you mentioned that you use one of Liam’s effects as your opener. Imagine being able to Overall, this is another great PDF from Liam. My least favourite is like Madison The Biddle effect. The four aces are locked into a clearly empty cardcase clutched in a spectator’s hand Somehow their card vanished from there and landed at the correct lam in the pack.

You spread the deck out face up, and explain that if the spectator holds onto your wrist, you’ll be able to feel the “vibes” and find the selected card Thanks again for the writeup on Mojo.


Imagine a deck that is a Just grab any deck and you’re ready to go. Within the action omntier a single cut, separate the deck into key cards and regular cards. I find Liam is always especially talented at finding ways to incorporate the set up into the effect.

This page was created in 0. One packet is turned face up. The spectator and friend mix up their cards, then remove one and memorize mojtier.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Mojo by Liam Montier

The original PDF returns. But that’s the joy of different opinions You can read my full review here: At which point, the kings are visually ripped apart into four aces Lee Asher style. Liam eliminated all the double lifts and replaced them with one move to do the work of three double lifts. It combines several existing and commercial ideas into one compact, killer routine! Liam Montier presents a stunning easy to do mentalist card trick based on a well known short story by Roald Dahl, called “The wonderful world of Henry Sugar”.

With your special UV light ‘hidden’ in plain sight on your keyring, and. This is another favorite of mine from this book. The performer inserts four kings into four separate parts of the deck.