The public identifier starts with: ” -//W3C//DTD XHTML Transitional// “. The system identifier is not missing and the public identifier starts with. notes de cours sur HTML et liste des balises; un autre cours généraliste sur XHTML/CSS; généralités sur les CSS et exemple concret · tester vos attributs pour. 20 nov. Utiliser les balises spécifiques en XHTML: et (cf geoURL et Dublin Je vous renvoie au wiki de ce site pour avoir la liste des.

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If there are to be any attributes in the next step, there must first be one or more space characters. It is referenced by the previous sections.

Insert a comment as the last child of the first element in the stack of open elements the html element.

Let formatting element be the last element in the list of active formatting elements that:. Switch the insertion mode to ” after after frameset “. If the stack of template insertion modes is not empty, then process the token using the rules for the ” in template ” insertion mode. If it returns a character encoding, then this algorithm must be aborted, returning the same encoding, with confidence tentative.

If the stack of open elements does not have an element in table scope that is an HTML element with the same tag name as that of the token, then ignore the token. Push onto the list of active formatting elements that element. Upon receiving the end tag token with the tag name “b”, the ” adoption agency algorithm ” is invoked. Switch to the comment less-than sign bang dash dash state. When process a bulk of strings, the stripping of tags including their content on basis of regular expression is very slow.

The “EOF” character in the tables below is a conceptual character representing the end of the input stream. Let the adjusted insertion location be the appropriate place for inserting a node.

When the parser requires the user agent to change the encodingit must run the following steps. Repeatedly get an attribute until no further attributes can be found, then jump to the step below labeled Next byte.


The adoption agency algorithmwhich takes as its only argument a token token for which the algorithm is being run, consists of the following steps:. If the body element in this example had to have a class attribute and the html element had to have a lang attribute, the markup would have to become: But with three per family instead of two.

If the stack of open elements has a nobr element in scopethen this is a parse error ; run the adoption agency algorithm for the token, then once again Reconstruct the active formatting elementsif any. The name is set to anything other than ” html ” compared case-sensitively.

Switch the insertion mode to ” in table text ” and reprocess the token.

If the stack of open elements does not have a tr balisew in table scopethis is a parse error ; ignore the token. If the stack of open elements does not have a caption element in table scopethis is a parse error ; ignore the token. If the parser was originally created for the Ballises fragment parsing algorithmthen mark the script element as ” already started “.

PHP: strip_tags – Manual

Return the child nodes of rootin tree order. Optionally prescan the byte stream to determine its encoding. When the active formatting elements are reconstructeda b element is created and foster parentedand then the “bbb” Text node is appended to it:. Switch to the comment end bang state. Tags are used to delimit the start and end of elements in the markup. Nothing happens if at any time any of the elements in the stack of open elements are moved to a new location in, or removed from, the Document tree.

Insert an HTML element lisre the token for which the element entry was created, to obtain new element. The following example would also have the exact same DOM:. User agents may notify the user of the situation, to aid in application development.

Remove the node pointed to by the head element pointer from the stack of open elements. When the HTML parser is to operate on an input byte stream that has a known definite encoding lidte, then the character encoding is that encoding and the confidence is certain.

When a state says to reconsume a matched character in a specified state, that means to switch to that state, but when it attempts to consume the next input characterprovide it with the current input character instead. Pop elements from the stack of open elements until a select element has been popped from the stack. Insert a marker at the end of the list of active formatting elements.


Le langage HTML/Structure de base d’un document HTML

However, since lite incremented the throw-on-dynamic-markup-insertion counterthis cannot cause new characters to be inserted into the tokenizeror the document to be blown away.

Queue a task to run the following substeps:. An appropriate end tag token is an end tag token whose tag name matches the tag name of the last start tag to have been emitted from this tokenizer, if any. If node is liete frameset element, then switch the insertion mode to ” in frameset ” and abort these steps. Spin the event loop until there is nothing that delays the load event in the Document.

When the HTML parser is decoding an input byte stream, it uses a character encoding and a confidence. While implementors are encouraged to avoid arbitrary limits, it is recognized that practical concerns will likely force user agents to impose nesting depth constraints.

These steps either abort unsuccessfully or return a character encoding. This fixes the use of namespaced attributes, in particular XLink. Pop elements from this stack until a chtml element has been popped from the stack. However, mutation observers do fire, as required by the DOM specification.

Set the current document readiness to ” interactive ” and the listw point to undefined. Raw textees raw textand normal elements have a start tag to indicate where they begin, and an end tag to indicate where they end. The template contents of any template elements. If there is no template element on the stack of open elementsthen run these substeps:.

If lite is a table element, then switch the insertion mode to ” in table ” and abort these steps. There might not be one.