Results of my 3 week RFL diet Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. Lyle prescribes higher volume and lower intensity for us ‘hard gainers’ and when. “I purchased Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook in hopes of losing a few “I put a world class BJJ (brown belt) athlete on a modified RFL diet about 3. But I’d already talked myself into a plan after reading Lyle McDonald’s manual, Rapid Fat Loss. I’d do it for science! And journalism. Plus for.

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I apologize in advance for not using video and image tags, but my post wouldn’t go through otherwise because I exceeded the limit. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.

None of the following information is to be construed as advice in any shape or form whatsoever. Nothing written herein is to be substituted for competent advice from a medical professional. For those who are completely unfamiliar with my training history, I have been training off and frl since I was You can see some of the funny things I was posting lylr RFL is a protein sparring, modified-fast.

Lyle McDonalds RFL (Rapid Fat Loss) |

In other words, you eat pretty much nothing besides protein to spare muscle ylle. It is close to a starvation style diet. It is the fastest possible way to lose weight and it is actually easier for me to stick to these types of diets than it is for me to meticulously count macros or something along those lines. I tend to be a very, very extreme type of person. Moderation is hard for me. During this phase, according to a video I made and some old training logs, I half-squatted x3, benchedand pulled at lbs.

Here is a funny graphic I made of my facial fat loss progress I thought this was a good idea at the time: Unfortunately, I have absolutely no records of this period, but Lylee was up to the high s and nearly as lean as I was at I lle for about 9 months.

In that time period, I won a novice white belt tournament and was in line to be promoted to blue belt. Again, I’m an extreme, all-in type of individual. Of course, as a beginner, I eventually ran myself into the ground with this schedule. I sprained my ACL in a friendly match one day. I was out for a few months and the burnout finally caught up to me. When I couldn’t get myself to go back into the gym for whatever inexplicable reason, I ended up quitting MMA.

Sometimes, I still regret this.

Rapid Fatloss Handbook: My Results and Review | PowerliftingToWin

MMA helped me tremendously. Now that I think about it, MMA was the first sport, instrument, activity, etc. I was born with an insane level of competitiveness and ambition, but MMA really helped me develop at least SOME sense of discipline and realism. Still working on that to this day Anyways, because of MMA, I got had gotten used to regular physical activity and had developed an appetite that was no longer supported by a huge amount of grappling, sparring, and technique work.

So I got fattish again. Using the discipline gained from martial arts, I finally had a successful run on the program. However, my waist also went from I then attended a Starting Strength Seminar and somehow managed to get certified as a Starting Strength Coach just kidding, I know my shit with regards to the SS model. I promptly started up a “gym” in my garage. You can check it out here as well as many of our training sessions on the youtube channel: I didn’t take it seriously as a business.

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I put just about zero effort into making any money from my coaching even though I’m fairly good at it.

Lyle McDonalds RFL (Rapid Fat Loss)

Every single one of those guys squatted x5x3. Nonetheless, the “business” was really just a front for me to lift at home with a team that I created. I had the chance to meet some incredibly strong people and I made up in my mind that I was going to be one of the all-time greats in powerlifting. I wanted to set records and win world championships.

I began to religiously sleep hours a day, I cut out any social activities that kept me up past the sun going rtl, and I generally cut out ANYTHING that might even possibly be construed as interfering with performance. I started listening to interviews given pyle powerlifting greats like Marty Gallagher who talked about Hugh Cassidy pounding down two gallons of whole milk a day and how you needed to have 4lbs per inch of height on your frame to really “maximize your leverages” for powerlifting.

I bought into the “get big” mindset. Being the naive, but highly game and intensely driven individual I am, I started the bulk to end all bulks. I drove my weight all the way up to a disgustingly obese lbs. I also increased my lifts to a x5 squat, bench x5, and deadlift to x5 x5 squat: No body told me that if you’re going to gain that much weight, you need to be on drugs And even then, you’re still going to get really fucking fat.

Lyld have no one to blame but myself. At the time, this was truly what I wanted: I have no pictures or data from when I was lbs, but I do have pictures after I had already lost 20lbs in this picture: Really fucking crazy to think about in retrospect. I’d never been anywhere near that fat, EVER Thank God I don’t seem to have loose skin or gyno, but the stretch marks are pretty brutal. Nonetheless, in only nine months, I had gone from lbs with a x5 squat to lbs with a x5 squat.

That’s a pretty remarkable rate of progress, but it came at a great price. I certainly don’t recommend the dreamer bulk strategy, that’s for ltle. As I started dieting from lbs, I watched as the gains that I had fought for slowly slip away.

I was still pretty strong, I guess x2 squat lbs. Right around this time, I started thinking about experimenting with legal, doctor-prescribed performance enhancing drugs. Hypothetically, the first thing I tried would have been HGH.

At the time, from consulting with bodybuilders, I would have believed that HGH had magical fat burning qualities. I would have also thought that, because my growth plates weren’t closed, it could help make me taller. I wouldn’t have wanted to shut down my nuts and compromise my HPTA axis, but I was fine with growing taller and losing weight lol the logic. Shortly after this, I decided that I was going to shift to bodybuilding.


I was tired of being fat and I wanted to look good. At the same time, I liked the sense of purpose that came from dedicating my entire life to lifting the way I had done with powerlifting. So I hypothetically experimented with testosterone. In fact, hypothetically, I would have actually gained weight and gotten stronger during this period.

In the end, all the foo-foo curls and side raises just made me miss lifting heavy shit. I just didn’t love bodybuilding the way I loved powerlifting. So I went back. I dieted my way all the way down to frl low s and lost a massive amount of strength in the process. I actually think that had less to do with the diet than it did with the hypothetical post-cycle recovery. But I’ll never know for sure. I squatted x4 and benched x3 in training before this meet so I considered it a massive disappointment.

The deadlift, however, was a PR. You can see this meet here: One of my homies was even totaling right around When you put me in an environment like that, I’m just too competitive to not do what it takes to start climbing the ladder.

I ended up considering another hypothetical performance enhancing cycle. I theoretically would’ve have used more than last rgl, but not much more, and not many more legal, doctor prescribed compounds. For whatever reason, still not having learned my lesson I guess, I started eating with impunity. My squat went from no wraps to with wrapsmy bench went from toand my deadlift went from stiff bar to deadlift bar. All in all, I added nearly lbs to my powerlifting total in 11 weeks.

Nonetheless, I made a massive amount of gains.

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You can see the meet here: The few moments after pulling that last deadlift rank ly,e my favorite experiences in life, ever. I’ve never worked as hard at anything as I did for that meet. I was riding high after the success and I was ready to go all-in on powerlifting. Hypothetically, I would have prepared for recovery and started lining up a performance enhancing regimen that was on another level entirely from the “just getting my feet wet” type of stuff I had hypothetically experimented with in the past.

I hired Jordan Feigenbaum to do my nutrition heavy focus on macro counting. I actually got stronger during recovery while losing weight. Things really started to drop off in that third month in terms of strength, but I was lylr stronger than I was at the meet.

I began my next hypothetical experiment. Then my mental health basically collapsed. There was a certain dietary ingredient involved in my experiments that is known to very commonly have adverse mental side effects. We’ll call it train bologna. Hypothetically, I would have started having murderous nightmares and my temper would have been nearly out of control.