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Corresponding channels 1 and 3 and also channels 2 and 4 give alarm. This enables the following to be distinguished: The auxiliary supply connections are at the top of the left-hand side plate of the power amplifier rack P7LA see Appendix A. The standard NSD 61 scheme operates with its own pilot signal. Published on Dec View Download Channels 2 and 4 give alarm. The room should be well ventilated.

A large number of operating modes can be achieved with the following AF interfaces. The main disadvantage, however, is the intermodulation phenomena and associated cross-talk it causes. The last section is concerned with system operating level and adjusting the operating level of the equipment.

Other values are possible in exceptional circumstances with the aid of ENFX resistors. All channels give alarm. The boost ratio is also dependent on which channels may be interrupted. The circuits required for a four-wire service telephone are also provided.

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This possibility has a positive influence on the cost of setting up telecontrol networks, because it avoids the need of separate equipment racks and auxiliary supplies.

The following alternatives are provided for the pilot: Manual En Espanol Kawasaki Z -?

GonD Manual – En Documents. To allow the hinged frame to be fully opened without hindrance, avoid locating a cubicle in a corner. In all cases the actual setting is the next value down from the one calculated.


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The setting ranges marked may only be used for reductions of power and not for channel loading see Sections 9. Where damage is as-certained, the last carrier must be notified in writing as quickly as possible. With our free DIALux software you can design, calculate espakl visualize light professionally with the latest luminaire data of leading luminaire manufacturers included.

Part II “Applications, programming and testing” describes the possible operating modes and equipment configurations. In the case of PLC, this involves interrupting the transmission of speech and usually also of the modem signals in the “superaudio” channel above the speech signals, so that the full ETL transmitter power is available for transmitting the teleprotection signals. The receiver channel is blocked should the signal quality or strength become too low, or a tripping signal from the NSD 50 be present.

The smallest version of the NSD 50 has two units and is able to transfer two independent tripping signals. Fully programmable VFT channel with DIL eepaol and jumper settings for baud rate, transmitting and re-ceiving frequencies and transmitter level. Dilaux programming, tuning and testing instructions are contained in the supplementary document 5HYNTA.

DIALux is the leading marketing platform in the lighting industry for you to market your products worldwide. OE no fault PCB of the basic equipment missing: Part IV “Appendicies” is a collection of pictures, dimensioned drawings and block diagrams.

It is defined by the following equation: Should one or several monitored parameters indicate an alarm condition, the corresponding LED lights on the P4LA, respectively on the unit concerned. Using the standard pilot channel, the fol-lowing alternatives are possible: The maximum range of a PLC communications channel operating at the lower end of the carrier frequency range up to about 80 kHz can as much in special cases as about km, whi ch cannot be even remotely matched by other means of communication at the disposal of power com-panies cables, pilot wires, normal radio or point-to-point radio without repeaters or repeater stations.


The boost ratio is calculated using the following equations: This cubicle is fitted with a hinged frame for mounting the equipment racks and can be erected in different ways: All the functional blocks for processing transmitter and receiver speech signals and the associated signal logic are contained in this unit. Yet it is much more.

Accordingly, control signals from the NSD 50 also interrupt the transmission of speech and any super audio data channels, which may permissibly be switched off, and also boost the transmitter power briefly to its maximum.

With a community of overusers, the light planning manula is available in 25 languages and is free of charge for users. The following operating modes are also possible: A fault code esoaol displayed by briefly pressing the test tone button.

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In the event of a fault on the protected line, the NSD 50 interrupts the pilot and transmits a corresponding tripping signal in the speech band of the PLC equipment.

Of the possible PLC techniques, single sideband modulation with a 4 kHz spacing to make the best use of the available frequency bands and permitted transmitting powers, and the European practice, mainly for reasons of cost, of multiple use of PLC channels for speech, data and protection signals have become widely established. A typical allocation of frequencies in the AF band is given in Idalux. The arrangement and designations of connecting espsol are given in Appendix A.

The power of teleprotection signals applied to the AUX.